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In the summer of 1981, I took a summer job with Sunshine Pools of Bozrah, CT.  At first, it was just a job to get me through college.  Little did I know that after 5 years of building pools and going to school, I found I enjoyed working outside with my hands and the satisfaction of the final product.  After school, I decided to work for Treats Pool for 5 years. Jerry McArdle at Sunshine Pools and Ron Brauman at Treats Pools have taught me a lot about design and pool construction along with building relationships with customers.  I can always say I learned from the best.

It is now over 20 years later and Leffingwell Pools has been in operation for over 20 years.  Within these years, I have seen many changes in pool shapes, sizes and styles along with changes in deck patios.  Leffingwell Pools has since expanded to offer many types and styles of concrete and stamp concrete patios.

In looking at Leffingwell Pools, one thing I think really separates myself from others is that I not only work with you in designing your backyard vacation, I am the one who builds it. In addition, not only have I built another quality pool, I've made another friend.

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William Leffingwell


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