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San Juan PoolsOne of the truly unique features of fiberglass pools by San Juan Pools is their molded one-piece construction which enables them to be installed in only a fraction of the time it takes to construct and outfit a concrete pool. A typical San Juan pool can be up and running within one to two weeks of its arrival at a homesite.

When the pool excavation is completed, the excavated floor is compacted with sand and water and graded to the contour of the pool bottom. The one piece fiberglass pool is then set in place and filling begins. As the pool fills with water, construction sand is water-compacted around the outside of the pool to lock it into place.

Having Fun In The PoolWhile this process is in progress, the plumbing installation, equipment set and electrical connections are completed. Deck installation, yard cleanup and pool operation instructions complete the process.

The ability of a San Juan pool to flex without losing strength is especially important in areas where the ground tends to shift. The tensile and flexural strength of our fiberglass shell is 17 times that of its concrete predecessors. This strength allows the pool to flex with the earth without being damaged. Because the tile trim is secured to the pool with silicone adhesive and silicone grout, the tile will also flex with the pool. The silicone grout is also impervious to stains and algae growth.

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