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SaftronSaftron high impact vinyl railings are made of specially formulated compounds to ensure longevity and unparalleled resistance to the elements, UV and chemicals while requiring virtually no maintenance. They are guaranteed to keep their smooth, bright finish for many years.

Products include a full line of rails and ladders for use in swimming pools and spas, and an infinite variety of safety railing styles and colors for applications such as high-rise balconies, water-parks, theme parks, government installations and industrial buildings.

The attributes that have made Saftron Railings an ideal choice for 20 years in high-rise buildings, industrial plants and government installations, are of even greater benefit in the corrosive environments of Swimming Pools and Spas. Unlike steel rails that require protective or decorative coatings, Saftron High Impact Vinyl Rails are available in solid, uncoated, fade resistant colors to match any decor. Their non-conductive materials don't require grounding and don't get hot in the sun.

The explosive growth in popularity of Salt Chlorinators among pool owners and builders alike, are causing havoc with traditional "stainless" steel ladders and rails that can start showing signs of rust in less than a year. Saftron rails which have proved themselves immune to the harsh environments of Water Treatment Facilities, Water Parks and Marinas, are completely unaffected by exposure to Salt, Chlorine, Acids and Alkalines in the comparatively benign surroundings of swimming pools.

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