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Pool Patrol

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Pool Patrol Pool Alarm

   Pool PatrolSounds alarm if children or pets fall into your pool.

Easy to install, convenient to use. Helps detect intruders. Floats on pool surface. Battery powered. Low Battery indicator. Corrosion-resistant for long life.  Ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pools.  Also protects commercial pools and spas.

How does the Pool Patrol increase pool safety?
The Pool Patrol emits a warning alarm if children or pets fall into your pool.  This alarm sounds out at the pool and in your home with the remote receiver (included with Model PA-30).

How does the Pool Patrol work?
The Pool Patrol floats on the pool surface and will activate when children or pets fall into the pool, creating a wave.  When the wave touches the sensing ring of the pool alarm, the alarm is triggered, emitting a clear warning signal.  The sensing ring is adjustable so that it can be controlled to activate only when an object the size of a child or pet falls into your pool.

What size pool does the Pool Patrol cover?
The Pool Patrol is designed to work in any shape pool.  For pools larger than 20' x 40' more than one alarm may be required for greater security.  The Pool Patrol comes with easy-to-use tie-down strings and hooks.  This enables the Pool Patrol to be secured to the side of your pool.

Why should you buy the Pool Patrol?
The Pool Patrol will add an extra margin of safety to your swimming pool.  It is easy to set up, convenient to use, and designed for many years of use.  It is a must for every pool owner concerned with pool safety.

Gate AlarmPool Patrol Gate & Door Alarm

   Sounds an alarm before a child or an intruder has entered the pool area.

The Pool Patrol Gate & Door Alarm is a wireless (Model GA-25 & GA-30) door/gate monitor that detects entry into your pool or spa area. It is equipped with a reset button to allow a six second pass- through without sounding the alarm.  The alarm comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware for installation.

  • 9 volt battery operated with low battery indicator
  • Mounts to any door/gate/fence - includes all hardware
  • Magnetic Sensor Activated
  • Water resistant for long life
  • Quality constructed
  • Meets all latest building code requirements
  • Delay button for adult pass- through
  • Activates through a magnetic sensor
  • No pass code needed
  • Sounds at 85 db. +
  • Same unit can be used for indoor or outdoor application

StingLStingl-Products offer layers of protection to reduce the risk of all types of pool and spa entrapment.  They offer a host of products, to be used in conjunction with each other, to help reduce pool and spa entrapment risk.

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SR-500 Stingl Switch
(Safety Vacuum Release System)

The Model SR-500 is a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) which works by monitoring the vacuum on the suction side of the pool or spa pump. When a blockage occurs in the main drain or skimmer a
sudden rise in vacuum will cause the SR-500 to shut down pump operation and activate an audible alarm. The pump will remain off
with the alarm sounding until manually reset.

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StingL StingL


HaywardCreate the perfect backyard environment, with the simple touch of a button—control the temperature, water level, lighting and filtering of your pool and spa as well as many other automated features in your outdoor retreat. Simply program your desired settings and watch the magic happen. The best part is you can do all these things from inside your house.

Which control is right for me?

  1. One-touch programming allows convenient access to all pool functions.
  2. Optional wireless spa-side control enables you to control your spa’s features while you relax.
  3. SuperCap Memory Recovery System retains your programming even during a power outage.
  4. Integrated dimmer system provides several lighting levels to create the perfect atmosphere.

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The Aqua Logic Pool/Spa Automation system is the ultimate in reliable, cost effective automation for all pools and spas. The Aqua Logic product line has a control system for every pool owner. From the P-4 system for the value minded consumer to the full featured PS-16 for the high end pool, Aqua Logic covers it all. In addition, Goldline offers a wide variety of wireless and wired accessory devices that allow each system to be configured exactly to meet the homeowner's requirements.

Every Aqua Logic system includes a main control unit with a 100 amp subpanel and a built-in display/keypad for programming directly from the equipment pad. Pool service personnel do not need access to the keypads located inside the house. See your dealer to determine which Aqua Logic unit has the right combination of high voltage auxiliary relays, heater controls, and valve controls for your pool design.

For the absolute best water quality available, add the electronic chlorine generator function (also known as a salt chlorinator) by simply adding the Chlorinator Option Kit. It automatically produces pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distributes it evenly throughout the pool via the return jets. The Aqua Rite uses a low concentration of salt dissolved in the pool water (below the level of taste) to produce up to 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily, enough for all residential pools up to 40,000 gallons. For larger pools, additional Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generators can be added.

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